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What is it?  Sunday Drive is a series of professional DVDs designed primarily for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, brain injury and folks who may be home-bound or residing in assisted living facilities who can't get out.  It is also effective for those who want to experience a meditative journey. The library of programs take us through parks, countryside, along rivers and streams, and through small towns as we experience Midwest places and events.
 Who will benefit?   Sunday Drive is especially revitalizing for individual viewers with memory issues and is particularly successful when watched with a group in a theater style setting, encouraging conversation, and creating positive communal interaction.
Sunday Drive is set to cinematic background music and meant to relax the viewer. The DVDs intentionally contain no narrative, text, or plot. Their purpose is to mimic a classic rejuvenating drive or walk through familiar surroundings. While experiencing images of nature and listening to relaxing music, our journeys can create a sense of calm and relaxation with a simple Sunday Drive.


The Story of Sunday Drive

While shooting photos for an assisted living facility memory unit,  I was approached by a wonderful gentleman who apparently knew me for many years. Of course we had never met, and we struck up a short, friendly conversation. At one point I asked “Do you get out much?”. He replied “No, we can’t really leave the building.” I asked the facility director who explained how, for their safety and facility limitations, the folks in the memory unit were rarely allowed out. “What if they could get away without leaving the building?” I asked. From a chance encounter, the  Sunday Drive project was born.

Wayne Anderson


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